Stories: Selective Invoice Finance

Recruitment Company in Edinburgh


The Context


David’s award winning company specialises in Financial Recruitment and found themselves with cashflow troubles when their debtors insisted on long payment terms.

Established in 2012, David found that his company was struggling to grow due to high overheads and a reduction in staff.

The Solution


David needed to free some cash tied up in the business. He did this by selling his invoices with an advance of 80% to Working Capital Partners, therefore allowing the ability to fund growth in the business.

The Outcome


With the help of our invoice finance facility, the company is now exceeding expectations and fast becoming highly ranked in its industry.


There is only so many times I can say it but you really do have an incredible team at WCP. They have never failed once to support us, help where they can and find quick and effective solutions to anything I bring to them.

Outstanding service, you should be proud of the business you have its absolutely first class.

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