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Cash flow and credit solution boosts growth for small business retailer



Janet runs a small wholesale business and was also building up an internet site selling hair accessories.

As the business grew she found she needed to increase the amount of stock she carried so that she could offer the instant deliveries demanded by her customers. But her suppliers would only give her limited credit lines and as a result she very quickly found herself running out of money.

Because many of her wholesale customers were very small businesses themselves, she couldn’t get adequate credit limits on them and so factoring her invoices was not an option.


With our SME Tradeflow solution Janet was able to take goods from suppliers and pay for them on delivery.

This enabled her to take advantage of prompt settlement discounts, which were often enough to cover the cost of the SME Tradeflow fees.

In addition she was able to make bulk purchases which further reduced her costs.

Janet was delighted:

Without the help of WCP, my business growth would have been a lot slower. They are great at finding simple solutions to complex challenges”


Working with WCP, Janet was able to finance her wholesale business at very low cost and provide the delivery speeds she needed in order to compete in the internet age.

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