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Quick, easy, simple

The guys at Working Capital Partner are nice people who have made the process of borrowing very simple, explaining every step of the way thoroughly. Recommend them highly.

- Matt


Perfect service

Always attentive, timely and responsive. I couldn't recommend WCP enough. They've been a significant factor in helping leverage cash flow to grow the business.

- Matthew


If only banks could operate like this....

I'm a small engineering company, the recession hit us bad. Utter lack of help (hindrance if anything) from TSB forced me into a corner where I had to consider factoring which I was initially very reluctant because of usual scare stories. After working with WCP for 18 months, my opinion is totally reversed and I would happily recommend them and spot factoring service they provide.

Totally professional, helpful beyond the call and essentially, they provided me a platform (actually, a lifeboat) to survive a painful downturn and grow.

Clearly, its a money lending service and it can be expensive - if you don't manage it properly. However, if you use it as the aid to cashflow that its designed to be and don't loose sight of the fact that the debt is yours to control, it works. Also, none of my clients batted an eyelid.

I no longer use WCP as we have grown into a position where we can self fund our work so I have no reason to curry favour. All I can say is that our growth was helped immeasurably by working with them.

My very best wishes and thanks to David, Chris and the rest of the team at WCP.

- Jim Woods


Working Capital partners

WCP have proved themselves to be an excellent and dependable partner to us over the considerable time we have worked together. Their customer service and staff are first class.
We are happy to recommend them to any prospective body or Company.

- Paul



Excellent service all round!

- John


Excellent service that comes highly recommended every time.

We have now been working with Working Capital Partners for nearly 4 years and the service from day one has been 1st class.

Over the years the team at WCP have shown themselves to be a thoroughly knowledgeable and professional outfit. Our company has received offers to move to alternative factoring providers. But for us, this was never been an option. The support and advice that Perry and his team have provided over the years has been invaluable in helping us to grow our business.

We would have no hesitation in recommending WCP to anyone looking for an invoice factoring solution that is fit for purpose, good value for money and can really support your business to grow and move to the next level.

- Itayi


Efficient, honest and in time

From the start the team at capital partners have looked after all our needs. Things got very tight at one stage and with speed and utter professionalism the team have allowed us space and funds to grow.

Utterly impressed at this simple friendly service, truly has allowed us space to breath and develop

- Sam


What they say on the tin is what you get

We are very please with the services we have received, and would recommend this company and the services they offer,

- David


Everyday Service

Service always good and reliable. Well mannered and efficient people who try to find a way to help even if the challenge is outside of the norm.

We are a small business working with charitable purposes and WCP have enabled us to grow within a difficult market place.

Would recommend them as an alternative to a bank as you build a relationship with the team who provide traditional levels of service.

- Roger


Professional, courteous and seamless service

I almost didn't have my NOA honoured by my clients, working capital ensured that the client understood what the NOA means by calling and writing to them! It was beyond the call of duty!
They didn't have to go the extra mile!

- Elsie


Outstanding Service

The service is faultless. Always accommodating and responsive, there is nothing WCP will not do to help their clients. I have been a customer for over twelve months and use WCP services in two of my businesses.

Highly recommended.

- Matthew



Thank you to Andy at Working Capital Partners, and Perry and David too for putting in place the quickest Invoice Finance facility I have had the privilege to be involved in. The process was swift, seamless and the team a pleasure to deal with.
I work with many finance providers on behalf of my clients and this was a fantastic experience - right up there at the top.
I have no hesitation in recommending WCP and look forward to working with the team on this client, and others going forward.
Happy client and a happy financing partner!

- Craig


Great Service and very understanding

Great service and very understanding.

- John


Very Helpful!

All the staff is very helpful and expert in their subject. Gives an extra advantage to your business

- Neeta


Highly recomment Working Capital Partners FIRST CLASS

We were a small Air Conditioning Company struggling like a lot of small businesses with cash flow. Working Capital Partners have helped us move our business forward. From the beginning they have given us the flexibility to steadily grow. Very professional with friendly helpful honest staff. No hidden extras, just great service. How rare to find a company with integrity and staff that genuinely want to assist

- Karen


Flexible facillity, helpful team

WCP have become a fantastic extention to our business, and they have really helped improve our cashflow. They offer flexible financial solutions with minimal hassle. From a helpful, professional team.

- Ranya


The service was fantastic , helpful, efficient, supportive and clear

WCP is the best factoring company I have ever dealt with.

They are flexible, very helpful & very supportive.

They take an interest in our company & its development, which is excellent.

I would highly reccomend them to anyone.

- Graham


Invaluable service for businesses requiring cashflow

Time and time again, the team at Working Capital Partners have provided us with a quick turnaround on a cash advances against customer invoices - in some cases within just a few hours. They're happy to negotiate customer credit limits and defiantly do not adopt a "computer says no" mentality. I'd recommended them without a doubt.

- Martin


Amazing and reliable service

Thank you for your reliable and amazing service
I feel like you are one of my team

- Shai


How good are Working Capital Partners?!

I have used WCP with one of my businesses for about 2 years now, and they are possibly the best factoring company i have ever used. It's a friendly, positive and effective service, that never let's me down. I can't recommend them highly enough.

- Gary


Exceptional service

I cannot fault Working Capital Partners. From initial introduction through to sign-up and processing of my first invoice they have been nothing but efficient, helpful and polite. Having spoken to numerous factoring companies this year, I chose WCP because of their no-nonsense, straight forward approach. I would recommend them to anyone looking for finance facilities for their business.

- Steve


Amazing experience!

Asim, Gavin and Perry worked incredibly quickly to turn around my first payment. Could not fault the service and would highly recommend

- John


Thank you!

Thank you both for your continued support this year. I wouldn't have managed to progress the business without your help.

- Matt


Great Service, always available to discuss company needs

Great service, always available to discuss company needs at all levels. Recommend very highly, they work hand in hand with you, very professional with a personal touch

- Dave


Amazing people to work with!

Excellent service , amazing people to work with, they are just a fantastic company with very great service , they are there for you , yes, I Rate the Working Capital Partners Ltd 5 star for fantastic service, people and the company its self

- Kozeta


WCP - A blend on Resourcefullness and Creativity

Working Capital Partners are run by a very experienced management team. As such they are able to be very creative when it comes to putting a deal together, even in the most challenging of sectors.

Add this to their resourceful and tenacious mind set and you have a very attractive blend when it comes to dealing with both their clients and their introducers.

To paraphrase a very successful 80's TV series 'If you have a problem that no one else can help....then should hire/use the WCP team'

- Sean



Amazing experience working with WCP.

- Saurabh


Very Professional and always on hand to offer the very best level of service.

We have worked with Perry Burns & the team at Working Capital Partners for over 2 years now. They play a major role in helping businesses grow with their simple and flexible finance processes. We have found them to be very professional and always on hand to offer the very best level of service. We would highly recommend them.

We look forward to our continued partnership.

- Wes


Great partnership and pro-active team.

Emma and the team are always available to speak with and are really pro-active in liaising with the clients we refer and getting offers out. Great partnership and would definitely recommend Working Capital Partners to both brokers and SMEs

- Tamara


Fast, Flexible & Professional

I have had opportunity to work with Perry Burns & the team at Working Capital Partners. They provide an excellent service to the UK SME market. They are very efficient & professional in their approach. Being a specialist business finance provider they provide a very personal service which is refreshing. Their offering is flexible and they work hard to ensure it meets clients’ business needs. I look forward to working with them in future

- Wasim


Best Selective Invoice Finance business

The best in the business for Selective Invoice Finance.
I have worked with Working Capital Partners for several years now and always found them to be fantastic.
They recently had a client return to them after a year of not needing Invoice Finance and I got a nice surprise when the commission started being paid again as soon as the client started using them.
The clients I have referred to them rave about the service and flexibility they offer and they seem to be able to fund situations where others can't.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for Invoice Finance that wants a transparent and easy to manage facility with no minimum contract.

- Glen


Extremely Professional

Extremely professional and very helpful, pleasure to do business with.

- Marchella


Always on hand to offer the very best level of service

We have worked with Perry Burns & the team at Working Capital Partners for over 2 years now. They play a major role in helping businesses grow with their simple and flexible finance processes. We have found them to be very professional and always on hand to offer the very best level of service. We would highly recommend them. We look forward to our continued partnership.

- Wesley


Amazing experience working with WCP

Amazing experience working with WCP.

- Saurabh


WCP understood the working capital needs

WCP understood the working capital needs of our business instantly and offered interesting ways to finance our exposure to advance excise duty payments. Meeting them was a truly positive move.

- Michael


WCP have just completed another case

WCP have just completed another case for one of my clients in the Highlands of Scotland. Very quick response to a complex scenario, and excellent communication from the WCP team throughout. For the right client & situation i would have no hesitation in using them again.

- Hamish


Trust and Confidence

We have been working with WCP for nearly 2 years and we have found the staff friendly, helpful and understanding. Queries are mostly answered and dealt with promptly and we have no qualms about recommending their services.

- Nancy


I found them to be ultra-efficient

I found them to be ultra-efficient, and helpful from the start. This is my first experience of factoring and they were keen to guide me through the process.

- John


As one of their first clients, I can safely say it has been a pleasure to work with WCP

As one of their first clients, I can safely say it has been a pleasure to work with WCP. They have been extremely helpful, understanding and trusting from the very beginning, helping us through tight times and responding well to our Europe wide business. I would recommend their service to any small to medium size business in need of some capital.

- Sam


Working Capital Partners - Excellent Service

The team were friendly, efficient and helpful. They made the process of arranging Invoice Finance very straight forward and speedy.

- Franco

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