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Who is your service designed to help?

Our solutions work for companies who have cash flow issues caused by the delay between issuing invoices and getting paid. They also work for companies who have to invest capital up-front (either for stock or materials) before they can sell the goods on to their customers.


A typical client is an owner-managed business with a turnover of between £100,000 and £5,000,000.

Can I talk to someone?

Of course. You can even speak to our MD, Perry Burns. He and his team will help you work out which of our solutions is right for your business… and for the specific challenge you face. You can talk to us without any obligation.

Where does the money come from?

We are backed by a network of private individuals and a European investment bank who want to help small businesses to improve their cash flow.

What security do you need?

Our principle security is in the debts we purchase or the goods we finance for you.


If your customer goes bust, then we have your back, because we will effect credit insurance on your behalf at no extra cost.


We also ask for a personal guarantee as a way of guarding against fraudulent activity and we ask for a debenture to ensure that, in the worst case scenario, we can get our debts repaid before other creditors.

How are you different to a bank?

We are quick. We will often have a decision in principle within 2 hours and you could have cash in your account within 2 days. Our paperwork is simple and straightforward.


You will have a personal relationship with our expert team who will know you and your business and are motivated to make sure that you get outstanding service.


That’s why we get the Trust Pilot ratings that we do and are consistently at the top of our industry.

Why shouldn’t I take a loan instead?

To finance your business most efficiently, you should match the term of your borrowing to the life of the project. So if you are buying a long-term asset such as a piece of equipment or a vehicle, then a loan or a lease may well be the most appropriate method. But for cash flow, invoice or PO, invoice finance is far better because the loan is paid off more quickly and leaves you free to raise other finance as and when needed.


What are the criterion to apply?

You have to be a limited company with a verifiable debt to a creditworthy customer.


We are obliged* to lend responsibly and have undergone the appropriate Anti-money-laundering and Fraud-prevention checks. We are also proud to play our part in helping to prevent fraud, by sharing intelligence with other finance companies.

* NB – This is via both our trade association ABFA (link) and the FCA.

How do I apply?

While it’s best to have a conversation first so we can assess Give you immediate feedback on the right solution for you, you can also go straight to our online application form and one of our experience consultants will call you straight back.

How long does it take?

We can usually give you an decision in principle within 2 hours. We will then send you an offer by email. The due diligence process is quick and rarely takes more than 1-4 days depending on how your business works. In reality we work as fast as you need us to.

Do you run credit and identity checks?

We run some non-invasive checks on your company to make sure that it doesn’t have any claims against it. We also make sure that we are talking to the registered directors.

How do I move from my current factoring company?

We get this question a lot. As a member of ABFA there is a standard procedure for transferring from one factor to another. If you and your current financier are happy to move your account, the transfer can be completed in less than a day.

What data do you ask for, before issuing funds?

You could say that we are giving you real money today for your assurance that the debt is collectable in the future. So naturally, we need to ensure the reliability of your customers, as that is the basis of our security.


We will also look at your open company financials and track record to make sure the business is financially robust, and that this facility is to be used for a genuine operational purpose.

Is there a set-up fee?

We charge a small setup fee of between £150 and £500 + VAT depending of the size of the facility. This usually helps avoid time wasters.

Do I need to give security?

Yes, but let me explain why. We need some protection in case you run into difficulties. So we ask you to sign a debenture (so we that we have priority in getting our money back if things go wrong). We also ask you to give a personal guarantee as a way of ensuring that if the worst happens, the directors will be motivated to work with us to ensure that we can recover our investment.


We are able to introduce you to companies who will insure you personally if it is necessary to call on your guarantee.

What if my company is not eligible?

We will advise you on what you need to do to make your company eligible for our solutions. This could be something as simple as establishing more robust contract terms with your customers.


How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 85% of the value of your invoices. The limit will be agreed up front and you control how much of that limit you utilise. The fees will be calculated on what you actually draw down.

What if my client doesn’t pay on time?

You will obviously incur a higher fee because you have borrowed the cash for longer.


We will have a conversation about who is going to chase the client and will leave collection with you unless there is any reason to suspect that there may be a collection problem but ultimately we have the right to chase them ourselves if it drags on.

How will I manage the account?

We have a very simple online platform that allows you to upload and remove invoices and manage your facility.

How do you calculate the fee?

The fee is expressed as a percentage of the invoice value but it’s based on 2 factors: the amount you borrow the length of time you use the cash (from draw down to the time your customer settles the invoice).

Can any invoice be discounted?

Yes. As long as your customer agrees that the goods or services have been delivered, any invoice may be offered for discounting.

Are there hidden charges?

No. Our products are as straightforward as they come and you are in control of how much and how often you use it. There are no long term contracts. No termination fees. No debt collection fees. No early settlement penalties. It’s simple, pay as you go selective invoice factoring.


Can I trust you?

Absolutely! Firstly, we are a member of ABFA which is the most trusted authority in the factoring sector. Don’t just take our word for it. We also have plenty of recommendations from happy clients on TRUST PILOT you can check out.

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